Hunting With Montana Decoys

It’s a matter of fact that some sportsmen just haven’t yet mastered the art of decoying. It’s a matter of fact that most hunters haven’t even given it a try. In Montana – hunting game with decoys is nothing new. Hunters have now just jumped on the bandwagon with attempting to hunt elk, deer, antelope and most game using decoys and most are a little late catching up with our fellow hunters, bottom line there is no better time than now to learn how effective decoy hunting can be with Montana decoys.

First, you have to choose the type of Montana decoy you would like to use. Almost all decoys fall into one of a couple sections. You are able to choose between a flat two-dimensional decoy or a full-body three-dimensional decoy. Flat two-dimensional Montana decoys are very easy to transport and quicker to set up, but I feel they lack the realistic presence necessary to bring wildlife into blasting range consistently. While full-bodied decoys are big and bulky, inconvenient for storage, and harder to carry out in the field, I feel that the realistic look more than outweighs any inconvenience. Most manufacturers are making full-bodied decoys that are easier to disassemble, transport and store away, ultimately becoming more user friendly every day.

Remember the old saying, “there are many ways of killing a cat”? Well, likewise there are many ways of hunting big game animals.

They say “Patience is a virtue”. however to be patient doesn’t mean that you are only going to wait for the bucks to come near you. Tracking Elk, deer and antelope prior to their hunting season is a must. To become an efficient hunter – patience is not enough. Some hunters are so aggressive in hunting, they go into the woods with all their hunting gear, but they go out there without one strategy in their mind.

The virtue of patience, aggressiveness accompanied with an initiative and knowledge of vital wildlife decoys will bring you much success when trying to track important animals down. Also, early preparation will give you the opportunity to enjoy the season to its fullest extent.

Montana decoys as far as I’m concerned are the absolute most efficient hunting tools during the rut season, in addition to offering a wide variety of animals to choose since many of the game animals that are in Montana are in other parts of the united states. So using one of the many Montana Decoys will give you a ‘leg-up’ on many other parts of the world since many game animals thrive in Montana. Important equipment such as a Montana Decoy involves using a fake animal of your choice to catch the attention of the others. When your chosen heard have spotted a Montana decoy the tendency of the real animal is to come closer. Just remember, if the decoy is covered by heavy woods the buck will not see them and neither will the other animals. The purpose of the decoy is for wildlife to come near and for you as the hunter to set up an ambush, trap, and blast them!