Find Gold in Montana

In the year 1852, the first gold was discovered in the state of Montana. Since then the state is known to have gold reserves. It is not only gold reserves you can find in Montana but they are rich in copper deposits as well. In fact they mine copper and at the same time, as by product they also produce gold.

Almost every county in Montana has gold reserves. In every mountain, river and creek there is a record that they have discovered gold and copper deposits. Not just that, they are also rich in silver and sapphire. That is why the state of Montana is known as the top seven all over the United States in gold mining.

So where do you think we can find gold in Montana? I had done some research about it. Here’s what I found. In the county of Argenta, near Rattlesnake Creek, in the year 1865 they have discovered gold deposits on the stream beds, as well as at the sides of the creek. People live in this area before the use of placer mining.

Beaverhead, the Bannack district, Dillon County, Melrose, Monida, Wisdom, Confederate Gulch District, Radersburg District, Townsend District, Berry, and many others are places where gold deposits can possibly be found.

A good research is needed in each prospected place before you start your gold hunting. Remember the places mention in this article is not updated as it was reported around the 1860’s. Now it is 2011 so we really need to dig new information as that information is too old; but it can still be used as an initial reference.

The best way to find information is by looking at metal detecting clubs and online forums. I am sure there will be a discussion about where to find gold in Montana. I had a look myself and here is what I found.

Every stream bed, river and creek in Montana remains a prospect in gold panning. Most people in the forums visited many places in Montana and have tried gold panning on their own. Some have been lucky to find gold nuggets but most don’t have such luck. Metal detecting clubs have arranged some trips in places in Montana.

Based on what I have read, there are rules in gold panning for each area of Montana, so it is better to find out that first. Probably you can ask more information regarding asking a permission in the forums online. There are some nice people who are willing to answer your questions about gold hunting in Montana and other places.

I would suggest that you choose one place that is mention in this article. Have a thorough research on that area. Knowing the rules of gold hunting whether in Montana or at other place is important. You need to know them before planning your trip. I also read that if you’ve seen some black sands on the stream beds you are most likely to pan some gold nuggets in that particular area. So it is best to go there after a storm.